At Endeavour, we know that patient recruitment for clinical trials and health outcomes research is much greater than the action of recruiting patients for research studies. Successful patient recruitment begins with intelligence, gathering and analyzing real-world data, leveraging years of experience to develop a successful recruitment plan. Site feasibility and identification are critical elements for successful study completion, and require an in-depth understanding of the care providers, the targeted patient profile under study, available care options, and patients’ treatment pathways.

Our willingness to confront and unlock research barriers has produced a team with unmatched experience in the most challenging patient population studies. We leverage over 50 years of clinical research experience, engaging patients, caregivers, advocates, and healthcare providers to advance the awareness of and participation in clinical trials and health outcomes research globally. Our experience in acute care studies, pediatrics, oncology studies, and rare diseases have yielded significant empirical intelligence about the complexities of identifying and recruiting research participants. We tirelessly apply our experience to every study opportunity, providing professional solutions that demonstrate results.

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