Endeavour Clinical Solutions is a privately owned clinical research consulting firm providing services to the life sciences industry with a focus in oncology, hematology and rare diseases. Leveraging over 50 years of clinical research experience, our experts provide solutions including early study feasibility and study design, site identification and feasibility, patient recruitment and retention support, and operational planning and support.

Our services are provided on a foundation of collaborative, transparent, and highly professional relationships. Our approaches are customized for each client, providing consultative or specific functional services as needed. We believe that relevant experience is important, and that learning from what works and what doesn’t is key to continued success.


Endeavour leverages over 50 years of collective clinical research experience, executing patient recruitment and retention strategies globally. Our senior level professionals apply real-world experience and knowledge to professionally tailor successful solutions for our clients.


Endeavour provides services to the pharmaceutical industry supporting global clinical research and health outcomes and economics studies. Our services cover the spectrum of study needs from research study planning and feasibility through patient recruitment and retention.


Case Study: Multiple Myeloma Patients & Caregivers

Endeavour was tasked to identify patients with multiple myeloma on first line therapy or who had relapsed and were actively being treated for their disease. Additionally, the patients’ caregivers would participate in a paired survey.

Result: The study was enrolled one month ahead of the planned recruitment timeline, with 82 pairs (patient + caregiver) achieved, 128% of total enrollment goal.

Case Study: Neuropathic Pain Investigative Site Identification

Endeavour was tasked to identify 30 neurologists for a non-interventional study that had been seeking study sites for more than three months.

Result: Endeavour successfully recruited the study investigators in 30 days.

Case Study: Metastatic Melanoma

Endeavour was tasked to identify 200 patients with metastatic or unresectable melanoma. The study assumed patients would not be able to self identify, and would require the referral of a physician to the study.

Result: Endeavour created clearly defined messages directed to patients, caregivers, advocates, and health professionals. 100% of patients were recruited in less than two months, successfully completed the project ahead of schedule while saving 36% of the budget.

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